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palm sunday: celebrate king jesus

John 12:12-19

This year here; next year in JERUSALEM
-Passover Celebrant


  1. The PEOPLE after King Jesus.
    John 12:10
    John 12:9
    John 11:56

  2. The PALMS over King Jesus.
    Psalm 92:12

What is so great about flourishing like a palm?

a) Palms are a symbol of BEAUTY (Psalms 92:12)
b) Palms can withstand DRAUGHT.
c) Palms can withstand HEAT.
d) Palms can withstand the STORMS.
e) Palms are VERSATILE.
f) Palms stand for VICTORY.

The word Hosanna is the Hebrew for “SAVE NOW!”
Revelation 7:9-12

3. The PERSON of King Jesus.

Acts 4:12
1 Peter 3:18
Romans 10:13

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