Sunday morning messages

over the edge

Acts 2:1-14a

The 3 Images at Pentecost:

  1. The image of the wind

  2. The image of fire

  3. The image of language.

Matthew 28:19a
Acts 1:8b

Q: Why was the Church born?

A: To bear witness to Jesus Christ in the world.

Q: What does the Holy Spirit come to give the Church?

A: A language that communicates that witness.

  • Whenever God infuses, empowers, and fills a people He moves them outward, not inward.

A Question for us to ask in 2019 & beyond:

Q: What am I doing that demands the power of the Holy Spirit in my life?

  • Pentecost is what enables us to take God-directed risks, to step out over the edge of the precipice with a leap of faith when there seems to be nothing to step on!


Romans 6:15-23

“We have lived in darkness for so long that now we are afraid of the light.”
-Nasifaz (An afghan woman after freed from Taliban)

I. There is enough power in the cross and resurrection of Jesus to transform our lives, and truly free us from the things that so easily entangle and bind us.

II. We as Jesus-followers are educated well above our level of obedience

a. It has everything to do with a sense of spiritual unrest that gnaws at the soul

b. Because we’re not walking in full surrender and complete obedience to Christ

• When we become Christians it’s far more than a change of status

• Our whole orientation of life is shifted

We need to understand what the Bible means when it talks about “sin.”

• The essence of sin is when the human mind and heart turns away from God.

What is holiness?

• When we are enslaved to righteousness, the motivation is a heart of love that simply longs to respond with a holy life.

• Becoming a Christian and living as a Christian is a whole-life response.
Rom. 6:15

• Jesus endured the shame of the cross so that you and I could be free from the chains that bind us to the earth.
Rom. 6:19

I’m concerned!

I. I’m concerned that you have no room in your life from which to serve people.

II. I’m concerned that many of you gauge your life by how you feel instead of by what is true.

III. I’m concerned that there is no space in your life where God can meet you and shape your mind and heart.

IV. I’m concerned that our culture’s obsession with sex is eating away at the very soul of those within the church.

V. I’m concerned that many of us are robbing God and apparently think nothing of it.

• Responding to God’s love needs to become our consuming passion—to live surrendered!

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