state of the church (2019)

Visionary or Stationary?

Define these 2 words:
-Visionary: Characterized by vision or foresight
-Stationary: Not moving or unchanging
Prov. 29:18

I. Characteristics Of Those Who Are Stationary:
a. They are pessimistic.
Numbers 13:26-28

b. They are phobic.
Numbers 13:28
Numbers 13:29

c. They are powerless.
Numbers 13:31-33

d. They are problematic.
Joshua 14:8

II. The Problems of being Stationary:
a. The problem of crying.
Numbers 14:1

b. The problem of complaining
Numbers 14:2

c. The problem of confusion.
Numbers 14:3a

d. The problem of intimidation.
Numbers 14:3b

e. The problem of consequences.
Numbers 14:10b-12, 21-23

III. Characteristics Of Those Who Are Visionary:
a. They live committed to the principles of God.
Numbers 14:24
Numbers 32:12

b. Their lives are controlled by the presence of God.

c. They lay claim to the promises of God
Numbers 13:30

d. They leave conquering to the power of God.
Numbers 14:8-9

III. The Consequences of Not Being Visionary:
a. They forfeited the Promised Land.

b. They fell in the wilderness.
Numbers 14:2

The vision the Lord has given your Pastor for NFC for 2019 and beyond is:
Deuteronomy 31:7-8 (The Message)

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